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Prius V Wagon Demand Higher Than Expected, Toyota Ramps Up Production


I know it may sound strange, but Priuses have been from the beginning designed for family guys, and the fact that now Toyota is about to release the Prius V Wagon is no wonder.

Following the same idea, the fact that the demand for the car that will debut this summer in the U.S. is far higher than that of the original Prius is no wonder either.

Actually, the Prius V Wagon has seen daylight in Japan since May. Toyota increased their production by 70 percent just to meet the growing demand for the new Prius.

Currently, the Prius factories produce about 3,000 units per month, but according to Nikkei, Toyota will be producing up to 5,000 wagon hybrids per month by August or September.

Although we, the Europeans, have traditionally been the last in line for seeing, touching, smelling and testing the Prius, we’re also big hybrid car fans. Toyota seems to respect that rule and only roll out the Prius V hybrid wagon in Europe starting 2012.

[via goodcleantech]

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