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Protean Electric In-Wheel Electric Motors are Production-Ready

Protean Electric In-Wheel Electric Motors are More Powerful and More Efficient
Protean Electric In-Wheel Electric Motors are More Powerful and More Efficient

Electric vehicles are mostly designed with electric motors in place of a transmission or engine or even an axle, but Protean Electric’s in-wheel electric motors promise more efficiency and power than any other design.

Power-to-weight ratio in any vehicle is directly related to both the performance and efficiency of any vehicle on the road. Maximizing this ratio is important, especially in the field of electric vehicles, which have are limited by battery capacity.

More battery capacity can be added to increase range, but eventually battery weight overcomes increased range. On the other hand, better electric motors can increase the efficiency of the existing battery capacity, increasing range.

Protean Electric’s in-wheel electric motors have the best power-to-weight ratio over current electric motor technology, producing 100hp and 735lb•ft of torque in a 68lb package.* The motor is small enough to fit behind the wheel in place of the braking system, which also reduces energy losses in a traditional drivetrain.

Protean suggests that their in-wheel electric motor can improve fuel economy by up to 30% over current hybrid electric vehicle engine and motor configurations. Additionally, the new motors can recover up to 85% of the vehicle’s kinetic energy while regenerative braking, further increasing fuel economy.

*Just for comparison, a popular Chevy 302 small-block engine rated at 400hp weighs over 400lbs and is definitely not going to give you better than 25mpg.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Eliminate lithium battery with a alternator that has a magnetic pully with angled surfaces that when a same polar magnetic nears to a stop of a 32nd” the alternators pulley will spin at 1000 rpm creating constant voltage from spinning the armature in the alternator. A surge protector will then be used to protect the foot pedal switches,the voltage regulator,and wheel motor. No more battery!
    Carroll Shelby made his motors with Styrofoam in a pressure cooker and 30lbs of minerals this eliminates forging in fire and quenching in oil.
    Power steering pump and brake pump should be coupled to a electric motors through surge protectors.
    Dyson bladeless tower cooling and heating fans pluged into surge protectors could replace a/c systems parts catalog in cabin by rerouting the top of the fan to air vents will give you 8ft of cooling range.


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