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Protein Nanotubes Could Make Solar Panels Self-Washable


self-assembling-peptide-nan_BJHPV_69Scientists at the Tel Aviv University (TAU) are sure that their newest research in the nanotechnology field could lead to the development of a new type of solar panels and glass that need no cleaning and apparently put window washers out of work. This new technology comes with the development of arrays of protein nanotubes that have more than one use.

A very inexpensive and short peptide chain comprised of only two amino acids and easy to synthesize in mass production is the basis of the technology. The most amazing characteristic of the nanotubes is that they are hydrophobic, which means that they repel water, as well as dust particles.

Researchers said that another application for the nanotubes would be super-capacitors that arrange themselves in great density to produce a rechargeable electric battery that can store a large amount of power. In this way the electricity will be quickly released, making them ideal for vehicles that rely on rapid acceleration. They claim that the nanotubes are very resistant and function at high temperatures, having the possibility to be applied for a variety of biotech and medical uses.

Meanwhile, TAU‘s officials negotiate with other commercial companies that could turn the nanotechnology discovery into products.

[Source: Jpost]

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