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Pruitt’s EPA Sinks Deeper Into An Absurdity Only Trump Could Love


According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), burning wood for electricity is carbon neutral. This means that legally it is the same as solar or wind power, which seems like an outright lie.

In all fairness, there are carbon models that both the US and E.U. use to justify this position. The idea is that because the trees that are being burned will be replanted, over a 100 year time frame, the carbon produced by burning them will be consumed by new growth.

The small problem is that in the meantime, burning wood creates a huge amount of pollution. This isn’t the case for solar and wind, but this simple fact seems to be lost on the Pruitt led EPA.

It should be clear by now that Scott Pruitt doesn’t care at all about the environment. Actually, the total disregard for environmental concerns that he showed in Oklahoma is probably why he was fast tracked to take over the EPA under Donald Trump in the first place.

There is little doubt that while acting as the Attorney General of Oklahoma, Scott Pruitt made some very poor decisions. It is also likely that his policy decisions while in Oklahoma were a direct result of payments made to him by pollution heavy industries, who benefited enormously when environmental regulations were relaxed.

Sketchy Dealings

According to the Huffington Post, there is another federal investigation pending against Scott Pruitt. HuffPost estimates that Scott Pruitt is currently facing at least nine open investigations at a federal level, and the latest comes at the request of Congressional Representatives.

Prior to this ‘review’ of possible ethical lapses that could be considered fraud, Scott Pruitt was found to have violated two laws when the EPA bought a $43,000 USD sound proof phone booth. He is also being investigated for his use of 24/7 armed bodyguards, as well as frequent air travel that he parks at the taxpayer’s feet.

It is unknown whether or not there will actually be any consequences for breaking the law, but given the fact that Scott Pruitt was able to engage in corrupt acts with impunity for years while AG in Oklahoma, we probably shouldn’t hold our breath.

Enjoy The Fire

At times like this, I think it is important to stay positive.

The fact that Scott Pruitt is a bought and paid for shill should be reason to rejoice!


Because it beats crying about how backwards and twisted people are. There are people burning high carbon fuel sources all over the world, and no one cares. To be honest, the coal grilled meat I eat for lunch most days tastes wonderful, and without some awful carbon rich coal, well, it just wouldn’t be the same.

It would be really nice if people woke up to the fact that people like Scott Pruitt and President Trump are simply out for themselves, and probably talk about how awesome and smart they are in soundproof phone booths that cost more than $40,000 USD.

They are taking your money, sacrificing your future, the future of the USA, and sentencing your children to a position that is more or less that of a slave.

Don’t bother caring, it would just be inconvenient.

Instead, rejoice in the moment, and don’t worry at all about the future.

It doesn’t seem to help anyway.

Given the probable outcome from this time in human history, it would be wise to enjoy the good old days.

[via gizmodo]

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