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Tesla Model 3 Doubles Production Rate and On Its Way to 6,000 Units per Week, Rumor Says


In Tesla Motors Club forum, one user under the name lbkmxp100d has recently reported the increased production rate of Tesla Model 3 in Fremont as a result of a retooling activity, which enabled increase in the M3 production line’s speed. The reported production rates are more than twice their rate in April. The post was written as follows:

“Report from Fremont on Model 3 Production line 5/13/2018 (midday):

* 4290 — Last 7 days production of M3

* 638 — Last 24 hrs production of M3

“The last line shutdown/retooling had a significant improvement on the speed of the M3 line. Everything is working in conjunction like intended and no bottlenecks anywhere.”

With the improvement effected by the last repair and maintenance activity, Tesla has scheduled another retooling this May, according to lbkmxp100d. This activity is expected to much shorter:   

“The upcoming May line shutdown for retooling is going to be much shorter than past, and currently scheduled for May 26–27th weekend. Shutdown could get moved up if production continues to increase at its current rate. The sentiment from the line is 5k sustained is pretty much guaranteed and 6k before end of June is very likely. Bottom line is I was told this is as good as Tesla employees have felt about the M3 production since production began.”

The user subsequently confirmed that the statistics came straight from the manufacturing plant in Fremont.

“Correct, these numbers are specific to M3 line. The S and X lines are not represented in those totals. The numbers came directly from end of line board that is constantly updating 24/7 as M3’s come off line.”

Elon Musk has mentioned in Tesla’s first quarter earnings call that: “The thing I’m most excited about is the rapid increase in output. We got just in the last 24 hours at the Gigafactory managed to achieve a sustained rate of over 3,000 packs per day – sorry, per week, and actually reached a peak hour with extrapolated outward would be a rate of about 5,000 cars per week.”

Hearing such updates in green technology is as moving and motivating as the Tesla CEO towards the global aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through electric mobility. The increasing numbers of Tesla manufacturing showcases the drive that Elon Musk is putting into his company and the rest of the automotive and green industry.

[Via CleanTechnica]

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