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Qoros Jumps Right In With a Crossover Hybrid Electric Vehicle, but Only in the EU

New Qoros 3 Cross Hybrid Rated at 56.5mpg
New Qoros 3 Cross Hybrid Rated at 56.5mpg

Qoros only just showed up on the market at the Geneva Motor Show, and jumping right into the market with three models, including a crossover hybrid electric vehicle.

Startup companies are often difficult affairs, and even the best idea can fail. Chinese automakers have been trying to break into the lucrative European automotive market, but have some serious work to do to meet emissions and safety standards. Chinese automaker Chery and investment company Israel Corporation have partnered to form Qoros, a new company that just might have a chance at the European marketplace.

The three new models are based on the same platform, which will make further development easier. A couple of three- and four-cylinder turbocharged engines power vehicles roughly the size of the Volkswagen Jetta in both sedan and wagon body styles. Qoros was very fortunate to pick up some leading hybrid electric vehicle technology from Saab after that company collapsed.

The new hybrid electric vehicle will be a crossover hatchback with an all-wheel drivetrain. The 1.2ℓ i3 is mated to a 49kW electric motor for a total output of 191hp or 142kW. The electric motor is tied to a 1.9kWh lithium-ion battery pack and has an electric-only range of just a few miles. The system overall is estimated to rate at 56.5mpg. Unfortunately, Qoros has no plans to release the Qoros 3 Cross Hybrid anywhere but in the EU.

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