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RaceR e-Bike: The Newest Otocycle is Joining the Family


RaceRElectric bikes have become an intriguing option for many Urbanites that want the ease of parking most anywhere, the joy of cutting through bad traffic without any stress, and of course, saving money at the pump. Otocycles are a fun, unique and stylish way to cruise through the day!

Otocycles have a new member of the team, currently bringing the number of styles available to three. With the Otok, Otor and now the RaceR, patrons have more choices when it comes to matching your ride with your style. There are 3 options available for the engine, too – with a 250W, 500W and a 750W, and the 36V 11AH lithium battery can be charged to capacity in as little as four hours.raceR electic bike

The Otocycle was designed and engineered in Barcelona, Spain. Each cycle is made by hand and the company provides 210 colors to choose from with 44,100 color combinations possible when choosing your bike. The options available for batteries, saddles, motors, you name it – this bike will be one in a million when you are finished.

The Otok and the Otor have been given a new member of the clan – the RaceR, the design of which is derived from the stylish look of the 1950’s Cafe Racer motorcycle. These bikes can run at 15mph without pedal assistance from the rider, and they can cruise at 22mph with. The bike will run for 43 miles before having to stop for a charge.RaceR1

The starting cost of the Otocycle is $3700. This hefty price tag is nothing when compared to the cost of a new car, which can run more than $25,000. The simple fun of an electric bike along with the fun and ease of driving one seems to cry out – Buy me! The endless options make these cycles completely unique from one another, you will certainly stand out from the crowd while cruising to your favorite watering hole.

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