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Catalonian Researchers Develop World's First RC Car That Runs on Recycled Soda Cans


We now get to witness the world’s first remote-controlled car running on soda cans, roughly speaking, brought to us by Aleix Lovet and Xavier Saluena from the Catalonia Polytechnic Institute.

The great thing about this car is that it doesn’t emit any carbon emissions or harmful waste of any kind. This RC car dubbed DAIH2Orean, relies on a chemical reaction between a mixed solution of sodium hydroxide and water.

The fuel has to pass through a silica gel for dryness and a vinegar filter to burn up any remaining hydroxides, the fuel is ready. The process generates hydrogen used up by a hydrogen fuel cell to make the car work.

The car’s performance is of 20 miles/hour and can drive for 40 minutes without refilling. Mind you, this is only a “toy” car, so to say, and it will take a while for the prototype to be introduced on the market. But this is something to think twice about, if we remember that it really is emission free.

[via Physorg]

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