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Renault&Nissan to Make Electric Cars and Infrastructure for Portugal


Several weeks ago we presented an article about Denmark having too much energy available by exploiting their wind farms. At that time we knew that Denmark wants to make an electric vehicle recharge infrastructure for use in their future electric cars.

Now we find that Portugal’s government allies with Renault and Nissan to study the needs for making electric cars available to the consumers of their country. They will study the infrastructure and organizations needed to create a country-wide network of electric cars’ battery charging stations. The new changes will be brought to attention by the most effective marketing ways.

The electric cars’ marketing will be made by the Renault-Nissan alliance, who also started similar partnerships with Project Better Place, the governments of Israel and Denmark.

Project Better Place was founded by Shaun Agassi, and it’s committed to making electric vehicles a viable and economic option throughout the world. Their plan is to create a large network of recharging stations where electric car owners can either recharge their vehicles or swap out batteries, like gas tanks. The drivers would be the electric cars’ owners, they will purchase subsidized vehicles and pay a subscription fee to take part in the network.

Israel was the first country to cooperate with Project Better Place at the beginning of 2008, followed a few months later by Denmark, whose wind power exceeds their needs. Denmark also has plans of delivering their free wind energy to other countries.

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