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Tata Motors is Expected to Release an Air-Powered Nano


For those who don’t now, Nano is a car from the Indian company Tata Motors. This mini car would sell at $2500 and will have new green features that would please many eco-savvy people. As some latest news say, Tata will release an air-powered model, running a compressed air engine from MDI Enterprises.

Unlike the conventional engines of the same size, the Nano engine emits one-third of the carbon dioxide of such a petrol engine. Cold air, compressed in tanks up to 300 times the atmospheric pressure, is fed and heated into the cylinders of a compressed air piston engine. This car approaches the idea of a zero pollution vehicle, the only place where pollution is produced is moved from the car’s engine to the charging station, but the efficiency is much higher.

For just $3 worth of electricity, this amazing car would be able to travel up to 200km. In cooperation with Zero Pollution Motors, MDI is also set to introduce a compressed air vehicle in the Automotive X Prize competition. This is an attempt to demonstrate that electric vehicles and compressed air vehicles are a viable alternative to internal combustion.

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  1. @aman shah — MDI has never sold any air cars. They had a few small prototypes running around at airports in France and Netherlands, but have never started production in spite of many announcements of “production next quarter”.

  2. Hi,I am from india,
    MDI ‘s most long range vehicle can only run for 200 Kms. as of now!(some say the range has been increased to 300 Kms.).I think,no body wants to refill the car so early in long drives,although it takes only a minute to refill compressed air!In this case,Tesla Model S wins:480 Kms. Pure electric driving range::: might be a world record for electric vehicle: a sedan with all European crash safety standards with strong structural body!With safety system like 8 airbags,traction control , ABS and strong structure!

    Let the purchase cost of tesla Model S come down and then it’s very economical to run and most practical!Model S takes only 45 minutes to recharge completely with special charging system!

    And there’s one more thing that may come to excite everyone:::I am inventing an engine that runs on gravity as fuel!

  3. It’s been 20 years that MDI is saying that next year you will see the revolutionary air compressed car, to this date we are still waiting. More and more more people are convinced that what interest them is just getting research grants and condusting bogus partenership, I doubt we will see this car one day, this is really sad.


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