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Renault Tests ZOE Electric Car on Romanian Roads (Spy Photos)

Renault ZOE in tests on Romanian roads (why is the hood open?) Photo (c) Mediafax, Bogdan Iordache

Renault is seemingly testing their future ZOE electric cars on Romanian roads. A masked prototype has been photographed while riding muddy terrain and having Romanian test registration plates.

In the back of the ZOE is one of Nissan’s flagship SUVs, the Dacia Duster, probably watching its little sibling and taking care it doesn’t get stranded into some pot hole on the bumpy off-road.

Some said this would be a future Dacia model, but I saw the Renault ZOE last year at the last Paris Auto Show, when the prototype debuted. Hence I don’t see the purpose of masking the car, since over 1,2 million visitors had seen it in Paris in October 2010.

Who knows, maybe this indeed is the next electric Dacia Zoe…

Taking into account Romania’s latest pollution tax revision, only electric and hybrid cars won’t pay anything of that tax at all. But there’s another problem before Renault eventually launches anything electric in Romania: the government has to build the proper infrastructure, or otherwise the project won’t be a success, but a total disaster.

And they also have to lower the prices a bit.

[via auto.rol.ro]

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