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eMO: Tata's New Cheap Electric Car Unveiled at NAIAS 2012


The Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) isn’t only seeing American or European cars this year. Tata Technologies Ltd., India’s maybe most important corporation, is presenting a $20,000 electric car they dubbed eMO (Electric Mobility).

The four-seater is yet the cheapest electric car put on a stand so far, and “symbolizes the coming of age of Indian automotive engineering. It is a tangible example of the capability of Tata Technologies to engineer a full vehicle — a first for any India-based engineering services company,” said Tata executive Warren Harris.

Over 300 engineers have been working on the eMO. The company acquired 15 patents and used eco-friendly materials for building the body and making the painting process greener, thus being able to reduce the car’s final price.

Although it can accommodate four, the eMO only has two doors, but the back seats can be folded so to create enough space for carrying a short journey’s luggage. I say short because the car’s battery independence only lasts for some 100 miles, but that would be enough for city-dwellers who don’t need to exceed 65 mph.

[via cartradeindia]


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