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Research Shows Green Technology Favorable, Mostly


Pike Research - Green TechnologySome forms of green technology aren’t garnering a lot of support among the general population, such as a report by the SPEA last week regarding the weak favorability of electric vehicles. On the other hand, this leaves the way for other alternatives wide open, such as hybrid electric vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles.

A recent study by Pike Research shows that some green technology remains strongly favorable to the public, while others are hardly even noticed. This is the fourth annual study by Pike, and while clean technology is generally favored, there has been somewhat of a downward trend over the last four years.

Solar energy is the most favorable, 69% of study participants responding “favorable” or “very favorable.” Wind power was most favorable among the more educated and among those with utility bills over $200/mo, at 66%. Pike researchers state, “Since these two concepts have retained their most favored status year over year, Pike Research asserts that consumers consider these renewable energies to be important pieces in the power generation portfolio of the future.”

Alternative fuel vehicles only garnered 54% favorability, including hybrid electric, flex-fuel, and natural gas power. Electric vehicles scored worst with only 49% favorability. Clearly, manufacturers and electric vehicle proponents have a lot of work to do to make them more marketable and acceptable.

Smart grid technology seems to be the least-known of all clean technology, mostly because of lack of awareness. Just 35% found smart grid technology favorable, while 56% responded “neutral” or “n/a,” which means that only 35% of respondents even knew what smart grid technology was. Here’s another chance for smart grid marketers to get to work.

Solar- and wind-power are here to stay. While research indicates a slight wane of support for green technology, it is strong enough that any big change in efficiency or cost could bump those numbers up significantly more favorable. As with most new technology, though, awareness seems to play a big part in how green technology is perceived.

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