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ROEV to Streamline EV Charging Everywhere


EV ChargingThe ROEV association, Roaming for EV Charging, has plans to make charging accessible for owners of electric vehicles across the country.

The current status of EV charging stations is that of having several different accounts with access through several different cards, similar to bank cards. These are used at the stations to charge the vehicles.

“Much like bank cards make it possible to withdraw funds from any ATM, drivers with a participating EV charging network account will be able to charge their EV at other participating charging stations,” says ROEV in a statement. “By improving the convenience of public EV charging, ROEV’s charging network interoperability will enhance the EV ownership experience for current and future drivers.”

The number of EVs sold has increased in the last few years, bringing the number of EV’s sold in 2014 over 124,000. With over 97,000 being sold in 2013, we see a steady increase, making the charging stations for these vehicles a necessity, not a dream. The EEI (Edison Electric Institute) saw the need for the infrastructure regarding the vehicles last year and began to encourage members to find a way to begin.

By encouraging its members to invest in EV technology, EEI is setting a standard for the rest of the world. Plug-in vehicle technology is the way the world must head to sustain a livable planet and to cut back on vehicle emissions. The most important thing would be for those that have the capability to showcase the benefits of the EV so that others will follow.

Founders of ROEV include Nissan and BMW of N. America, both leading automakers. Some other charging and auto manufacturers have joined ROEV as members. These members are wanting to spread the word about the benefits and creating a larger membership base. The beginning will be to increase the ease of charging the EV, after that, the benefits speak for themselves.

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