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Leading Tech Giants Form Breakthrough Energy Coalition


bill-gates-660x413Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are about to join forces with other world leading companies to fight climate change by funding innovations in the clean energy sector.

If yesterday the common thing between Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Virgin, HP, Linkedin, Alibaba (and a few others) was that they are all lead companies, today it goes much further. A day before the initial kick off of the UN Climate talks in Paris, the founders of these giants in the industry, announced that they join forces to combat climate change by forming the Breakthrough Energy Coalition.

The Breakthrough Energy Coalition would be a joint fund pool, which is put together by world’s titans in order to boost renewable energy research and innovation. The ultimate aim is to give that final push to clean energy technologies, which should help them overtake fossil fuels.

In his Facebook post, the inventor Zuckeberg explains the importance of such a fund pool. The idea is that if we are to live in a better world, clean energy should be given a priority. Unfortunately, advances and innovations in the field seem to be much slower than it is desired, and everyone behind the Breakthrough Energy Coalition believes this is the case because of limited funding.

The aim is to not only boost technology, but also change the entire way we all use and produce energy. Zuckeberg also points out that the time of the launch was very crucial- just ahead of the conference in Paris. As all eyes are on climate change news, the coalition believes the fund pool should encourage people to reshuffle their priorities, stimulate more partners to support innovation, and jointly fight climate change.

Bill Gates also released details about the Breakthrough Energy Coalition. His paper is a lot more detailed, but essentially he stated that they want to help high risk and uncertain gain projects. They want to prevent concepts of falling behind, simply because there is no clear 100% success. The fund will also help innovation get to that ever-so-wanted development stage.

The total amount that the leaders are going to provide is still not announced.

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  1. It’s too bad and a sad truth that in our political system it’s necessary to fund political campaigns in order to influence governmental decisions in your favor. For example; In Nevada the Utilities and Big Oil have the Governor and the Republicans full into making business protection decisions against solar net-metering. This has almost completely shut out the solar industry in that state. This might be a good place to start the battles.


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