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Four Running Men Pollute More Than a Hybrid Car, Italian Study Claims


Watch the chart on the left… what do you think it represents?

Did you watch it carefully enough? This represents the auto industry’s top notch statistic, claiming that 4 (four) running men (the average size) pollute more than 1 (one) hybrid car (carrying its 1.2+ tons and the four men) running at a speed of 30 km/h. Do you think that’s stupid? I did, too.

I don’t know how, but Alberto E. Minetti, professor of physiology at the University of Milan, along with his master’s student Gaspare Pavei calculated and reached this conclusion.

I will refrain from commenting around the subject, since you may have already guessed what I’m about to say: dust-to-dust emissions, health, other compounds emitted from burning gasoline, batteries etc.

You may say I have the writer’s block, or that I’m speechless. I just can’t believe what I’m seeing with my own eyes. The only thing I’d like to say is that we actually consume biofuels (energy derived from crops in our lifetime) instead of gasoline, which is a close-to-zero-carbon energy source.

The thing I am pleased with from this report is that at least it proves cycling is truly clean…

Please express whatever feelings you may have in the comments section below, to make up for what the rest of the article should have said. Other people will read them and share their wonder… believe me.

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