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San Francisco Parklets: Tiny Parks Replace Parking Lots


deepistan-parkletSan Francisco has a reputation as an eco-friendly system, and their parklets program demonstrates their commitment to green living.

For the last five years, the city’s business owners have been busy turning ugly parking lots into gorgeous, tiny parks. Some are just a few plants, while some have places to sit down and relax, but they all have one thing in common: they are much more attractive than a parking lot!

1. Cumaica

This coffee shop is located in a busy area with lots of other restaurants and shops. The parklet provides seating that was impossible to find before, with all of the heavy foot traffic this area experiences. Designer: Anzfer Farms


2. Cinderella

This is one of San Francisco’s newest parklets, located next to Cinderella Russian Bakery and Cafe. It offers views of a variety of flowers, succulents, and other plants. Brightly-colored, pleasant sitting space is also available. Designer: Gehl Studio


3. Devil’s Teeth

This parklet has a more modern design, but it is still a classic place to sit and relax in the sun. Find it outside Devil’s Teeth Baking Company. Designer: Shane Curnyn of Matarozzi Pelsinger


4. Mojo

This parklet, outside of Mojo Bicycle Shop and Cafe, was one of the first in San Francisco. Its tall shrubs shield park visitors from busy traffic. Design: Riyad Ghannam of rg-architecture.


5. Four Barrel

Four Barrel Coffee‘s parklet is the only one with metal artwork, so of course, it also hosts a large metal bike rack. Design: Boor Bridges Architecture


6. Outerlands

This sustainable restaurant financed a parklet designed with concrete and driftwood so that it blends in with the often-gloomy San Francisco weather.


7. The Mill

This bakery and coffee shop is also designed by Boor Bridges Architecture, and offers wooden tables and seats with plantings on either side and a brick floor.


Images (c) Emily Peckenham for Inhabitat

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