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Sanyo Double-Sided PV Cells Increase Efficiency With DuRock Reflective Membrane


Sanyo Canada Inc has recently developed a new type of solar panel that can harvest with at least 30% more energy than conventional ones. The Sanyo’ HIT (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin-layer) is a double-sided photovoltaic module that can be mounted very easily over carports, canopies, porches and other types of coverings.

Avacos Solar thought it’s a good opportunity to combine the new technology developed by Sanyo with a new reflective roof membrane developed by DuROCK Alfacing International Inc.

The DuRock Tio-Coating has the special ability to absorb 89% of the solar radiation. The combined system is able to generate more energy with a reduced number of photovoltaic cells. In fact, this combination allows to double the harvesting capacity hence the energy production of the Sanyo photovoltaic panel.

Avacos Solar is very confident that the new developed technology will soon get to the market as Salem factory, in Oregon, that produces the Sanyo HIT panels has just started production.  Besides being so efficient, the solar panel is also reducing the costs with the cooling during hot summer days, as the Tio-Coating reflects the solar radiation.

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  1. The major advances in solar over the past few years have been impressive and t is always a surprise to me that every home in suburbia doesn’t yet have a rooftop solar electric array. Certainly this advance by Sanyo is something to be lauded and hopefully the increased efficiency will be enough to encourage more people to get invested in solar power.


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