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New Siemens Technology Recharges EV Batteries in Just Six Minutes


Siemens Energy Sector in Denmark is working on a project called Edison, involving the development of a new technology that will enable electric vehicle owners to recharge their cars in as little as six minutes.

The new charging technology works by raising charging power to as much as 300 kW, so the batteries can be recharged on the go.

The EDISON group includes the Technical University of Denmark and its Risi¸-DTU research center, as well as Denmark’s Dong Energy and local electric utility iËœstkraft, the Eurisco R&D center, and IBM as well as Siemens.

This will be a great step and an entirely new move for the giant Siemens. Recently, the company collaborated with Statoil-Hydro to develop an off-shore wind turbine technology.

Initially, Siemens wants to develop a rapid charge capability for a 20 minute charge on a 400 Volt/63 Amp connection. Once successful, Sven Holthusen, the responsible for the EDISON project at Siemens’ Energy Sector will try to raise charging power to as much as 300 kW so that batteries can be recharged in 6 minutes.

Officials said that these new lithium-ion batteries with such fast charging capabilities will be available on the market in the near future.

[Source: Gas2]

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