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Schluckpecht E: Germany's First EV that Went 1,013.8 Miles on a Single Charge


The Schluckspecht E, a 100% German electric car has recently succeeded hitting record after record and breaking them all by running exactly 1,631.5 kilometers (1,013.8 miles) on a Bosch-owned test track from Boxberg, Germany. What’s more interesting is that the entire distance has been done on a single charge.

The EV has been going for 36 continuous hours, and needed four drivers for that. The four men swapped places without letting the car stop for a second.

The Schluckspecht E has been designed by researchers at the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences and from the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems. With its highly aerodynamic shape that you can see in the picture, the car cuts easily through the air, propelled by its 23 kWh lithium cobalt battery (the same capacity as Nissan Leaf’s).

Well, the Schluckspecht E is not quite the car you would put your family in for a long trip, it’s rather an aerodynamic box with some lightweight alloys bars and everything kept to the minimum – just a steering wheel and two pedals. It is nevertheless a sign that more can be done with less – and this is something the Germans have been good at since the dawn of the car industry.

[via ecofriend/autoblog]

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