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Newly Discovered Seafloor Magmatic Phenomenon May Emit Carbon Dioxide and Methane In Large Quantities


It looks like we’re not even by far nearly the only ones emitting carbon dioxide, but even our very own planet does this in a process discovered recently. Researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) have observed the phenomenon which, although unquantified, emits more carbon dioxide and methane than active ocean floor volcanoes do.

The phenomenon happens on the background of another: swaths of magma called sills are being injected from the inner Earth. Instead of getting out, the magma spreads under the sea floor in the thick layers of organic-rich sediments deposited there in millions of years.

Thanks to this phenomenon, the molten material that intrudes at numerous points below the sediments within a radius of 50 km from the seafloor ridge, releases nutrient-rich fluids from the sediments.

But it’s not only sediments that the action of magma releases. It’s also carbon dioxide and methane, 10 times more than volcanic rocks spewing through a vent onto the seafloor do.

The researchers suspect that the Gulf of California, where this phenomenon has been seen, is not the only one on the planet where it happens. It is also not known how much of these two greenhouse gases are being absorbed in the sea water and how much is released into the atmosphere.

Either way, this is another source of global warming producing gases, added to the man-made ones. My fear is that our struggle is mostly in vain, because there are naturally-occurring phenomena we can’t ultimately control that will influence our lives even if we stop producing a gram of carbon dioxide tomorrow.

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  1. Soooo…..global warming is a natural occurance. I’ve said this from the begining for the simple reason that mans contribution to the carbon cycle is tiny compared to the contributions made by nature. Global warming is real and yes man is adding to the problem but….it’s still going to happen no matter what. However I can see where certain groups and powers that be can and will use the natural occurance to impose policy and regulations as well as push green ajendas. I think its a fine motivator for change, and I think the change is a good thing but… a lie is still a lie. Millions and millions of dollars will be spent and taxes will be levied in the name of trying to control global warming….it is simply a scam inorder to redistribute the wealth of the world. Do you know why America is prosperous and we do better than the 3rd world countries….No1 we are not currently fighting amoung ourselves. No2 we all work to utilize our resources. No3 Our republic has capitalism which says that any one can be a success if they work hard enough for it. Others do not believe as we do they believe in socialism or that someone else needs to foot the bill to make them equal with the rest because they were born poor. Its not a sin to be poor or hungry but it may be a sin to stay that way. There will always be some one that has more than you but thats because they worked harder than you. So work on reducing green house gases its better for all of us but do it because it’s the right thing to do and not because of anything else.


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