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Second Quarter of 2013 Marked as Second Best In the History of U.S. Solar Industry


solar-use-q2-2013.jpg.662x0_q100_crop-scaleThe number of solar panel installations across the U.S. has risen by 15% in the second quarter of 2013 thanks to the escalating success of utility-scale businesses. The total figure of 832 megawatts of solar panels installed between April and June came as a slight surprise, mainly because project developers were racing to finalize their solar installation initiatives before the end of 2012 out of fear that governmental incentives will run dry.

Earlier this week, GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association trade group released a report, which ranks the second quarter of 2013 as the second best ever in history of solar in the U.S. In megawatts the increase is just over 100MW of installed solar panels. When compared to the period between January and April 2012, the growth is only 1.5% but it was enough to commemorate the blooming industry.

Despite the difficulties associated with increased permit fees, tax credits and uncertain regulations, the residential and commercial markets have remained reasonably flat. Drops have been noted in key solar markets in Arizona, Hawaii and Massachusetts, but these have not been significant to influence the overall trend.

The great difference, however, comes from the utility market, where an incredible increase of 42% was noted. California, Arizona and New Jersey are the leaders in the chart, followed by North Carolina and Massachusetts.

In terms of prices, to install a solar system, the investor is now paying 9.3% less per watt, compared to the previous quarter, although an average value is not very deterministic mainly because the difference between the various states is quite large.

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