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Sewage Water Turned into Beer at US Treatment Facility


imagesThe US water management utility company, Clean Water Services, claims to be in a possession of a water treatment system that can convert human urine in pure drinking water. To demonstrate that, they approached a local  beer brewing company, who should turn the liquid gold into a pub’s essential.

Imagine the following situation. You walk into a bar, you sit comfortably ready to watch the next Super Bowl game, you get your beer, and you suddenly realize- you might have already drank that particular glass of liquid a few days ago. Does this gross you out?

Clear Water Services, a water treatment utility based in Hillsboro, Oregon, has managed to develop a process, which makes domestic waste water clean and safe to drink. What is more, they came up with a plan, where their clean product can be bottled up and sold all around in the form of one of the most loved beverages in summer – beer.

The brewing is to be done by one of the leading local beer makers, Oregon Brew Crew, who apparently have already agreed to make the beer out of treated human urine. Of course, before anything could really happen, a whole list of requirements and conditions have to be met, and the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission has to sign it and allow it officially.

This is not the first time we hear such story. Not even a month ago, Bill Gates was all over the news, holding a glass of clean and clear drinking water extracted from human sewage. It is perfectly safe and it is perfectly good to drink. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is cleaner than most of the tap water that is running in our bathrooms.

With so many people around the world dying every day from not having access to clean drinking water, it is necessary for all of us lucky ones to be a bit more tolerant and accepting towards such sewage technologies. Unfortunately, while supporting fully the idea of sending this technology directly to places in need, most of us simply cannot imagine having to drink the water coming out of the plants, regardless of the fact whether is pure water, or beer.

But why is that, especially when most people surely recognize the urgency of the matter? Are we just too spoiled?

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