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Make Easy Green Money With Wheely’s Coffee Bike


20150113215935-version2.jpg.650x0_q85_crop-smartCoffee cannot get any greener than this, as mobile coffee machines on bikes, carrying the logo Wheely’s and powered with pedal power, are growing bigger than ever. And not only literally.

Picking the morning coffee from a famous franchise on the way to work, has become part of the daily routine of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. That large take away caramel macchiato could often make or break the day.

But wouldn’t it be brilliant to have the coffee coming to you, instead of you having to go to the coffee? And what if that magic drink is brewed in the greenest way possible? Now that would be awesome, right? Especially if the green mobile coffee stand is run by someone, who has always dreamed of heaving his own coffee franchise but never had enough money to start it up. These are the exact thoughts that the guys behind Wheely’s had in mind.

About roughly one year ago, an Indiegogo campaign smashed all targets and gave launch to the brilliant concept of mobile coffee machine that is mounted on and powered by a bike. When purchasing a cool Wheely’s bike, the owner got the three wheeler, the coffee machine, the accessories and his own franchise.

The first concept was pure genius. Not only that anyone and everyone who had around $2000 could start their own business and be the fierce competition of all those big guys out there, but also they would be providing the greenest, carbon neutral and most eco-friendly coffee there is, where even the siphon brewer that makes the coffee is powered by ethanol.

Wheely’s became quite a big hit. They sold out like fresh bread just pulled out of the bakery oven, and are now bringing as much as $700 per day to their owners. But although Wheely’s 1 had plenty of storage space and smart functions, there was quite a bit of space left for improvement.

So, the developers from the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery (NSID) decided to pimp Wheely’s 1 and bring the ultimate Wheely’s 2, which has it all- from running water and sink, through digital displays, all the way to recycling trash cans and a charging station (see promo video here).

Now, of course, as it is with everything, the new and improved comes at a new and improved price. Through the new Indiegogo campaign, Wheely’s 2 can be purchased at a price starting at $7000, which is a bit steep although it comes with numerous new features. But do not feel bad if you were keen to spend less and get the earlier version, Wheely’s 1 is also still available.

I guess it is a bit too early to tell if Wheely’s will become a trend, but the odds are good. After all, busy commuters prefer convenience, and if that convenience comes with an added environmental benefit, I’d say, go Wheely’s. And maybe there will be a Wheely’s 3, where they can try to integrate the concept of making biofuel out of the coffee grounds.

Image (c) NSID

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