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Black Sheep For Eco-Grazing Reduce Noise in Central Paris


A sheep is seen in a 2000mè green space owned by the French capitalÌs archives service as part of an Îeco-grazingÌ experiment with a group of Ouessant sheep in ParisCity officials in Paris are testing a new method to mow the lawns, employing black sheep instead of heavy and noisy machinery.

The project is called “eco-grazing” and it is part of the mayor’s campaign to make the environment a main priority. The sheep are brought as a trial before the larger eco-grazing project is put into practice.

The rare breed of sheep, called Ouessant, are specifically chosen for their small height and hardiness, and will occupy the half-acre patch in the 19th Arrondissement until October. The area is surrounded by a metal fence, which will protect the sheep from local predators.

According to  René Dutrey, the adjunct mayor for the environment and sustainable development, the price that the City Hall paid for the sheep was just under $340 with no further economic projections.

The drop in biodiversity has been outlined as a main concern, however scientists will be employed to monitor the mix of plant and species.

The sheep have another important function. Besides mowing, they should attract visitors to the city archives located right next to the patch.

Agnès Masson, the director of the archives, an ultramodern 1990 edifice built of concrete and glass admits that she would have preferred donkeys, however sheep were considered more appropriate.


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