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Skoda Planning to Build Electric Car Based on VW's E-Up


EVAfter the presentation of the Volkswagen E-up car, Skoda plans to build its own electric vehicle in the coming years starting from this concept. As VW already has the technology, it should be easy for the Czech manufacturer to get on the market with a brand new EV. Volkswagen’s E-up concept was presented to Frankfurt exhibition and the market release is scheduled at the end of next year.

Due to an agreement with VW regarding technology sharing, if the model is a success, Skoda has to wait for at least two years before building its own version of the EV. The 18kW batteries give the vehicle a range of 80 miles and can easily be charged in about 5 hours.

“If VW or Audi develop this technology then it is a great opportunity for Skoda to develop a car like this” declared a sourced company to Autocar, “but they must do it first”.

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