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Skoda Reveals New Electric SUV Concept


The first Skoda electric SUV will be showcased at the Shanghai Motor Show in April. The sales are expected to start the next decade.

Skoda revealed that there will be two models: Model K and Model Q. One of them will be the replacement of the old Skoda version, Yeti, and the other will be brand new. Christian Strube, the Skoda Research and Development Leader, confirmed that Skoda’s first electric car is about to happen. He said:

“It’s in the design studio and will be ready for Shanghai in April. It is our interpretation of a car on the [VW Group’s] MEB platform and it will be packed with technology and really emotional.”

Since Skoda still has time to produce this car, its plug-in should be the ‘Superb Plug-in Hybrid’, as it will be on sale in 2019. Yet, Strube highlighted that the sales of the car will start in 2020 or 2021:

“We won’t be the first brand in the group to have an MEB car on sale, but we will be fast followers and at the forefront when compared to our competition.”

The VW Group even expects a million electric cars to be sold by 2020 as the Dieselgate scandal continued to spread.

Although the size or style of the car is not specifically mentioned by Strube, the previous reports predict that it will be like an SUV. Similarly, Volkswagen plans to showcase an all-electric ID SUV in Shanghai.

[via autocar]

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