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Small Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Show Potential in Central and Eastern Europe


Nobody would have ever though that Central and Eastern Europe would have the technology or financial resources to build a super car or a zero emission vehicle. This is why we are now astonished as the Hungarian company called Antro developed a hybrid car that is also able to run on solar power.

The company started in 2002, and with support from different sponsors and a 1.5 million euro investment in market research and development, they came up with the Antro Solo concept. The three-passenger car is able to run about 20km only on the electricity generated by the solar cell panel mounted on the roof.

Antro doesn’t want to stop here, they want to be able to connect two Antro Solo vehicles to form a six-passenger car called Antro Duo. Then if needed, this vehicle should be able to split again to form two independent Antro Solo vehicles. The prototype and the idea is very futuristic, let’s just hope Antro finds enough financial resources to make it a viable solution.

South of Hungary, a Croatian company called Dok-ing, specialized in landmine clearance machines has recently developed a small electric city car called Dok-ing XD. This is a three-seated fully electric vehicle that will be able to run 155 miles with a single two-hour charge. The prototype has been disclosed last year but there are no news since. Mass production was scheduled for mid of 2010 but it will probably take more time until we see these cars on the roads.

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