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SmarterShade Reduces 25% of Energy for Room Cooling


room1Hot summers can be a real nightmare to some who don’t have an air conditioner. If you think of installing one you can easily be discouraged by the bill at the end of the month. A method to deal with all this is to use a smart window called SmarterShade.

SmarterShade is a solar-powered smart window that helps you cool your home temperature when needed.

Windows are a necessity to every home. They keep fresh indoor air recirculating and let light go into the room. As well they make a temperature exchange between outside and inside your home. They let sunshine rays in, which is very good in winter but awful in the hot summer days.

To protect your interior from heating up you can make use of the SmarterShade. This smart window can tint when the sun starts heating the interior. The system is made from a plastic that can tint the window reflecting the heat from the sun and as well the UV rays.

Windows can go from clear to nearly dark in just few seconds with a simple touch of a button. The energy used to power the system is solar energy. SmarterShade can be easily installed by anyone in just few minutes. It can be applied to an existing skylight which are the best candidates for this application.

Estimated energy saving due to smart window applications is around 25%. The disadvantage is when the system works at full potential, when the window goes completely dark as you’ll require conventional energy for illumination.

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