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Using Zinc-Air Batteries to Charge Your Mobile Phone


kfe-zinc-air-charger1Zinc-Air batteries gain more interest lately, being one of the most recent technologies brought on the market.

As examples we have seen until now the California-based company called Power Air, which has presented last year its Zinc-based Fuel Cell ZAFC Powerpack (details on this can be found in a previous post). Another interesting example has been see in January this year while Energizer presented during the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas their Zinc-Air Prismatic batteries.

Based on Zinc-Air battery technology, a Japanese company called KFE, developed a power source for a portable phone charger.

The external device has Zinc-Air batteries that can charge the battery of the mobile phone in case one needs. The power device can provide up to 20 charge cycles and can be refilled by KFE.

The technology is similar to the one used in ZAFC Powerpack. The charger has a closed chamber containing Zinc. When Zinc is exposed to air through a lid the battery starts producing electricity. Principle can be seen in this picture.

Cost of the zinc-air charger will be around 31$ (3000Yen) and the device will be first released in Japan in March. The refill price is at this moment unknown but it shouldn’t be so expensive.

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