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TH!NK Electric City Vehicle Will Move Production to U.S.


thinkEven though bankruptcy was knocking at their door in December, Norwegian EV maker TH!NK has come up with a new plan to manufacture their plastic-body city cars in U.S.

This will be disclosed this week at a press conference in Michigan. Most recently TH!NK had a lot of troubles financially and has received a loan of $5.7 million from investors led by Ener1 Group, which holds the majority in stocks at TH!NK’s battery supplier Ener1. “This interim financing is an important step for us to be able to recommence production as soon as possible and we are grateful for the support of Ener1 Group and our existing investors. We have encouraging engagement with a number of potential new equity investors for our recapitalization process” said Richard Canny, CEO of TH!NK.

The plan of moving to U.S. in quite simple: government funds a lot of electric and hybrid car manufacturer and TH!NK has already everything(plans and processes) except a factory, supplier and money to start production.

TH!NK EV will discuss all open points to bring an electric vehicle manufacturing site to U.S. creating in this way new jobs for the Americans.

The U.S. sales are planned to start middle of next year with a 2-seat city car.

The company has plans to start the development of a 4-seat city car version later this year if funds are granted.

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