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Smog-Capturing Tower to be Built in Rotterdam


Smog-Free-Tower-Rotterdam-Studio-Roosegaarde-537x392Carbon-harvesting, smog-capturing tower is soon to emerge in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. All carbon that is collected will then be turned into jewelry.

Not too long ago, when Beijing smog was making the news nearly every day, there was a Dutch designer, Daan Roosegaarde, and his team at Studio Roosegaarde, who invented a technology that harvests carbon from the air and converts it into solid blocks that can be turned into jewelry. Last year, when this invention became popular, it was about to undergo testing in the Chinese capital.

It all must have gone quite well for Roosegaarde and co., as now they are scaling up the idea, and planning to integrate it into a 23-foot-tall, smog-sucking tower. As early as September this year, the tower is set to begin operation in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, and if it all works, then other places around the world might get it too.

The electric smog-sucking building is currently storming through a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, that was launched about a week ago. From there we learn that the building can capture as much as 123 million cubic feet of smog per day.

smog-free-project-studio-roosegaarde-5-537x432Now, if you are wondering what will happen to all the carbon that is collected, here is your answer. The creative designers are exposing it to high pressure and turning it into tiny solid cubes. The aim is to make diamonds, although the result is more like coal. But  this is not important. What matters is that one tiny cube, that can be fitted onto a ring or cufflinks, fits 35,000 cubic feet of dirty air (40% of this is carbon).

These jewelry items can currently be purchased on the campaign website. Once the tower is complete (in early September), the inventors will be able to start producing the cubes, and expect to deliver them to you before the end of the year.

The guys have not reached their target yet, so if you want to contribute to cleaner air and help them build the Smog Free Tower, do give them your token of appreciation.

image (c) Studio Roosegaarde

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