Solar Cooking "Kyoto Box" Reduces Pollution and Deforestation

kyoto_boxPeople find ways to reduce pollution every day. But is it in the interest of the society to use these inventions to do something good?

Jon Boehmer, a Norwegian based in Kenya, developed a solar powered cooker that can reduce greenhouse gases at a large scale. The cardbox named the “Kyoto Box”, costs 5 Euro($ 6,60) to make, and is designed for the usage of 3 billion people that use firewood as a heating source for cooking.

The “Kyoto Box”, name after the United Nations’ Kyoto Protocol that aims to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, won a $75,000 prize for ideas of global warming reduction. Besides cooking food, it has as well the function of sterilizing polluted water by boiling.

Boehmer wants to do more research and collect the data to back an application for carbon credits. The United Nations have a project to give credits to countries that preserve woods, credits that can later be traded. 190 countries have agreed that our activity on the planet is changing the climate in our loss, and a meeting will be held in December 2009 in Copenhagen to work out a pact regarding the climate.

“We’re saving lives and saving trees” said Jon Boehmer in an interview, speaking about his invention.

The FT Climate Change Challenge was organized by the Financial Times, technology group Hewlett-Packard, which sponsored the award, and development group Forum for the Future. Besides the solar cardboard box, inventions that entered the final were: a garlic-based feed additive to cut methane emissions from livestock, an indoor cooling system using hollow tiles, a cover for truck wheels to reduce fuel use and a “giant industrial microwave” for creating charcoal.

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