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Samsung's 1800W Methanol Fuel Cell Released for Army Use



It seems natural that military applications take over the new technology. It seems natural that people use their best to defeat others, instead of helping their civilians.

Samsund SDI and Samsung Electronics made a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell, or DMFC, and showed it at the Green Energy Expo this year. It’s fueled by a mix of methanol and water, and it can power a soldier’s electronic equipment for up to three days. It’s not heavy, either: just 7.7lbs (3.5kg), giving 1,800 Watt-hours of electricity. It’s also a quick-charging device, all you have to do is pour in water and methanol, and you’re set!

The cell will be tested on real-life applications next year, before it will be transferred to the military if the tests are successful. I wonder how long will it take before these batteries reach our homes, cars, and so on. Although it’s a carbon-based technology, it’s much cleaner and powerful (per volume)  than what we have today (if produced from renewable resources).

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  1. My tax money is to accouter and accommodate the best accessories accessible for account men. They are putting their lives on the band to assure idiots that hollor chargeless speech. Don’t you relize that chargeless accent was becoming and is adequate thru the butt of a gun. Freedom is not free, it is cher and is some times at the amount of someone’s life. I appetite the men who assure me to accept the best adventitious to survive that is possible. Our aggressive is acclimated to assure our freedom’ not to defeat added countries.

  2. My tax money is to equip and provide the best equipment available for service men. They are putting their lives on the line to protect idiots that hollor free speech. Don’t you relize that free speech was earned and is protected thru the barrel of a gun. Freedom is not free, it is costly and is some times at the expense of someone’s life. I want the men who protect me to have the best chance to survive that is possible. Our military is used to protect our freedom’ not to defeat other countries.

    • I don’t want to get into politics, but speech is nothing but free, if we speak at a higher level. Try becoming someone important and speak something “incovenient”, and see what happens. Those soldiers die for the political and economical interests of a relatively small group that don’t give you any benefit whatsoever. They are mostly 18-year-olds, kids that shouldn’t play with guns like they do with a Playstation. Those fights and wars are not being given to defend or protect anything, but to drill more and more oil, have energy to fight and build more, until they reach the maximum. And then, those weapons have to feed a new war, that also gives them some money, and the process goes on. I would be an ignorant to say things resume only to that, but to an extent, that’s pretty much what happens. I’m sad to hear you believe war brings peace, anyway.


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