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Pedal-Powered Blender: Saving The World One Carrot at a Time



After so much seriousness, let’s try and take a look at something else, a new invention that will surely change the way we live, think, and act during our irresponsible ride to the grocery store.

Presenting the Pedal-Powered Blender! Made up specially for blonde greenwashed housewives, it works as you pedal that old recycled bike your mother rode when she was young.

It’s a fantastic invention people, not to mention you have to maintain your equilibrium as you pedal, and not spill anything on the pavement, as you may get a fine from the local policeman, descending from his gas-guzzling hummer. Thanks to Ecofriend for presenting this wonderful news.

A feet-processed banana milkshake, please! Thanks!

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  1. Haha, but how do you make turns? Won’t the liquid just start sloshing out? Man, I’d like to see one of these in action. Feet-processed sounds yummy.


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