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Solarig to Build Eight Photovoltaic Parks in Italy


puglia1SOLARIG, a Spanish solar company, has started construction of 8 photovoltaic parks in Itlay this month. When the construction will be ready, the parks will provide 8 MW of clean energy in total. The same company plans to build photovoltaic projects that will produce 30 MW throughout different regions of Italy.

Who is SOLARIG and what are their plans for the future?

With these Italian projects, SOLARIG has essentially launched its “international development plan”, intending to continue by further penetrating the world’s major solar markets in the United States, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, China and Korea. The SOLARIG company has subsidiary companies in South Korea, Malta, Italy, California and Bulgaria. It also manages international PV projects with a capacity of about 750 MW in total in the United States, Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic, Korea and Bulgaria. However, these Italian solar constructions are are the first it is constructing outside of Spain.

In Italy, the new PV parks will be located in Piedmont region (one park) and in the region of Puglia (seven parks). One park in the Puglia region will use “double-axis solar tracking technology”, providing 0.68 MWp and other six parks will be on fixed structures providing 0.99 MW. The last park located in the Piedmont region will also be built on fixed structures providing about 1.5 MWp.

The  photovoltaic parks are estimated to be connected to the grid by the end of December 2009, reducing CO2 emissions by over 5,000 tons and providing up to 2,700 households with clean electricity. We must to keep our eyes on SOLARIG because it could be a big player in the solar energy sector.

[Source: Cleantechnica]

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