Mylow Magnetic Motor Debunked: NSA Involved – It Can’t Be Fake

mylow-magnetic-motorMagnetic motors are feared by the government and by the oil industrialists as they could provide humanity with a theoretically infinite source of energy. Magnets are abundant and easy to obtain, and they their effect outlasts their owners’ lives.

Many DIY-pseudo-scientists have tried to build magnetic motors themselves, and it’s said some of them may have even succeeded, but there is no practical evidence of their success. While Steorn had been promising two years ago that it would show a working magnetic motor, they failed to do it because of  “technical difficulties” in the very day of their promised public demonstration. Come on, nobody would have challenged such a claim if they hadn’t something real to show!

Such a controversial example is a guy named Mylow, who has tried to, and seemingly succeeded to build a magnetic motor whose power was self-sufficient to run it. The invention was not his, but Howard Johnson’s, who, in the 80’s, tried the same experiment and at that time it’s said it was a success. Anyway, nobody seems to have publicly replicated the magnetic motor until Mylow.

Sterling D. Allan, a well-known figure in the world of free energy journalists, established contact with mr. Mylow in April this year and even sold some of his schematics on his website. In the end, Mylow’s magnetic motor has been proven to be a fake by some Youtube viewers, who apparently discovered Mylow doing a trick with a fishing line linked to a regular motor spinning his magnetic motor – case closed… or not?

It looks like Mylow is a crook – but after analyzing the videos and Sterling’s own impressions on the guy, I don’t believe he is. Why? Let me tell you:

In a video sequel, Mylow showed how his device had been built and how it was working – he was very optimistic at that point. After April 3rd, he began losing weight, changing his statements, and changing his device with another version of it, purportedly not working like the first one did. Then, some of his Youtube subscribers had figured our the fishing line scheme. In one of his videos, he was very angry and yelled “This is me! This is a fake! This is the one who faked the magnetic motor!” – and nobody believed him at that time.

After a while he revealed the fact that NSA agents (confirmed by the Congressman’s secretary) visited him at his home, took some photos of the device, packed up his magnetic motor and took it away. The next day they returned the device, saying “Here’s your toy.  Keep it that way.  Have fun playing with your toy.” (

Since then, Mylow changed his story. It is very possible that he, followed by NSA agents, changed it into a discoverable fake to discredit himself, for the sake of his own life and the family’s.

From what I heard, there are magnetic motors already running in various parts of Africa, but nobody has the guts to bring them to the mainstream science, as it would endanger the energy economy as we know it – so, whose interest is this?

At one point, even Sterling D. Allan doubted Mylow’s invention, and I don’t know what his position is right now, but I bet he knows there is a true part in this story.

Yes, we may blame Mylow for tricking with his fishing line, but I’d rather believe his story than believing the oil industry is sitting passively when someone invents a working magnetic motor and makes his plans public and believable!

So, here are the videos:

This one is a video taken on April 3rd, before changing it:

The following is the second version of the magnetic motor, video taken on April 29:

And this is the entire video archive Mylow has uploaded on Youtube, backed up by another user, LRCan1.
One final fact you may want to consider: Mylow never requested any amount of money for selling his invention, and though he was accused with being a psycho, I really don’t believe a psycho would have had a family, a home, and a well-defined purpose of building that machine, spending years of his life to it just to fool some naive researchers for free. It’s just not how things do happen. Mylow is surely not a psycho.

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