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SolarWorld Sets New U.S. Record For Residential Solar-Powered Homes


In latter years, more and more homes have been equipped with photovoltaic cells able to produce enough energy to feed satisfy they power needs. According to the researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a solar system generates around 5 kilowatts of power, enough for most conventional homes. The truth is that the most efficient solar-powered system produces even less than that.

The latest innovation regarding the entire field of solar powered homes comes from SolarWorld, the leading end-to-end solution provider in the field of photovoltaic panels, and sets a new US record for residential solar installation.

The company has put together 600 of their 250-watt mono-crystalline SunModule panels for an anonymous home owner in southern California. The solar unit, built into the side of a mountain slope, was capable of generating an unbelievable 150 kilowatts of energy.

SolarWorld expects their turn-key system to have a great impact on electrical contractors (in this case, the Vista, California based SRC Inc.).  It’s also good to know that the system needs 15 inverters to convert, store and supply electricity.

[via Ecofriend]

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