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Homemade Water Distiller Built in Less Than an Hour


Here is a simple but efficient homemade water distiller that should be able to help us meet our daily water needs.

As one of the most important elements of life, water can cause serious inconveniences when missing. Speaking of potable water, you have to admit that the idea of drinking tap water has become, for many of us, the last alternative. So, instead of drinking tap water, we often buy it from the market. Now, we can’t rely  on this water either, because for all our daily needs it will involve lots of spent money.

So, one of the best ways left to provide clean water to our homes is to purify the tap water using water purifiers or distillers.

What you’ll need to build this homemade water distiller: a metal pot, stainless steel feed-through fitting, a plastic hose, glass jug, detergent, a stove and of course tap water (the entire assembling process should not take more than an hour). Before you start building the water distiller, make sure all of the components are clean. Use warm water and detergent to clean them well prior to assembling.

First, you need to drill a hole in the lid of the metal pot. Here you will insert a feed-through fitting. When the water in the metal pot will start to evaporate (boiling at 100 Celsius degrees) it will pass through the stainless steel feed-through fitting.

When the homemade water distiller begins to work, you have to let the steam escape for about 5 minutes from the feed-through fitting. After that attach a clean plastic hose to the feed-through fitting (high temperatures-proof) that will help you get rid of the remaining contaminants, if they still exist. Place the free end of that plastic hose in your glass jug and start collecting clean drinkable water. The water resulted after condensation will be pure. You can store it in plastic bottles.

This is all you need to know if you want to build such a simple homemade water distiller. Give this plan a try. Good luck!


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  1. hello Jon… the reason that this is now necessary is that the dumb asses out there are buying every drop of distilled water in stores… I have a pi-pap machine and it runs off of distilled water… so sometimes due to the asses in society we have to do what we have to do…

  2. Well, I tend to buy a home water distiller. I really like the Megahome water distiller. It is very easy and convenient to use. And it can offer about 1 gallon of distilled water per cycle. My current distiller is a megahome distiller.

  3. Bit scary in terms of energy and hence CO2 use.

    Water takes five times more energy to vaporise as it does to boil – we are talking large amounts of energy here especially in a homemade device like this with no insulation and very low thermal efficiency in terms of the energy of the flame actually heating the water rather than the suroundings.

    If people on this website really are GREEN then maybe they could first pay for a water test to make sure they really need distilled water, secondly they could shop around for a machine that does the job efficiently and thirdly they could look into the reported health risks of drinking only distilled water.

    Finally if you like in a relatively unpolluted area you could consider collecting and then filtering rain water and get that tested as well. Rain water is contiminated only by any airborne particles that it encounters during nucleation and the drop to the ground. If you filter rainwater then you are removing particulates – at least those that your filter will trap.

    Finally please do some research on the supposed health risks of drinking distilled water which appear no better substantiated or scientifically supported than the supposed benefits.

    Scary to see Green advocates being so casual about energy use – what is it to be Green, what is the balance between our hunger for energy and our stewardship of the planet. I only hope that this particularly UNGREEN health fashion does not spread far out of the US – do people just get bored if they are not burning carbon fuels?

    • With very little extra effort, the vaporization vessel can be pressurized and thusly reduce the amount of energy needed to accomplish the phase change. Btw, nucleate boiling is the transport phenomenon most of us are familiar with and which occurs on our kitchen stoves. This is vaporization of liquid at the heat transfer surface.

      Film boiling can occur after nuclear boiling, but only if a threshold of energy is met. This can result in very inefficient heat transfer due to a vapor layer formed between the transfer surface and the liquid, but this is not likely to occur on your kitchen stove. Film boiling can reach very high heat transfer rates, but requires much more energy for that to happen. This process may be what you were referring to in your “5x more energy.”

      It’s possible that you spent an equivalent or more amount of energy charging your laptop battery and operating your desk lamp for the amount of time it took to write your post as it would to distill a gallon of water. The energy used is far less than you are suggesting.

      The distillery machine you refer to does the exact same thing this DIY machine does using the same components but in a clean and tight package. It is still a resistance heater boiling water. Surely more energy is spent manufacturing custom components of this machine, packaging it, marketing and selling it than what the few pieces for the DIY version listed need.

      When rain water, falling from the clouds, interacts with CO2 (not a particulate, but a chemical), bonding together to form carbonic acid. This is not the only interaction that can occur between the polar H2O molecule in the raindrop and variety of polar molecules in the air. After formation, these substances can’t be filtered because they’re not particulates. It would probably be a good idea to distill rain water as well.

      Also, drinking distilled water is surely a better option than drinking leaded water (think Flint, Michigan). If you are worried about electrolytes in your water, add some salts.

    • – You’ve fallen into the Paradigm that CO2 is somehow Destructive. Madness. Plants will Thrive in a Carbon Rich environment, and be more Nutrient-dense because of it.

      Now Outlawed! Exhaling!

      Instead of worrying about the MINIMAL Energy required to Distill Water… You should be Rolling Over in a Cold Sweat over Fukushima leaking Radioactives for FIVE STRAIGHT YEARS, no end in sight.

      Or about GeoEngineering via Aerosol. Terminator Genes. BT Corn. Monsanto in general, actually. About Plastic Bottles.

      Do you understand how much energy Recycling Plants require?! My God, if you want to Speed Up the Death of Earth, just Recycle!! Reduce and Reuse, SURE. But for God’s Sake, stop “Recycling”. Those things are powered by the Same Fuels you people purport to Despise.

      As for the “Health Risks” of drinking Distilled Water?!?! WHAT??
      Have you Read ANYthing before saying that? CAN you Read??

      Fluoride is a Guaranteed Poison. Dental Fluorosis is Documented. You will never hear from a Human Being that has had Complications from drinking Distilled Water.

      I’m sure some Ultra Genius out there can write a PAPER on how Deadly it is… But these people Explain to you how Injecting your Infant with Mercury is Safe and Normal.

      • Well said, the PTB are Satanists hiding all the goodness the Creator has given us to use and turned it into agendas to take our right to use the earth and her stuff for our purposes. The earth will, or would, be here long after man destroys her by trying to save her!
        Stupid humans!

    • Rain water is out until they stop spraying chem trails. Considering that the amount of Round-Up which is in wheat is at levels several times amounts previously tested to be extremely detrimental to our health because Monsanto lobbied the FDA to raise the “safe” levels to be able to sell into the wheat farmer market, think distilled water without the necessary minerals, which can be ingested via other methods, is better than the Chlorine, fluoride, lead, estrogen, and other substances in the water which comes from the tap. Having water tested is helpful but you would have to test VERY frequently. If you have water coming from a tap it is bad for you, the only question is how bad is it. Remember, it is the government that has the most input into what is healthy water, what needs to be reported to the water consumer, etc. and really struggle to think of one thing the government does well at least for the 99% of us which are the peasants. That being said with smart meters, cell tower, chem trails, and 5G coming I drink tap water as the aforementioned will kill me before the tap water anyways, but I do need distilled water to inject into my truck to increase my fuel mileage.

  4. Btw, this is a great idea nonetheless, sorry if my opinion wasn’t inferred from my previous comment. I live in an area with lots of arsenic and heavy metals in my drinking water, so I will be employing this it a similar method to purify my water.

  5. It would be nice to see more pics, especially stages of the build. Also recommendations where to get high temp-proof plastic tubing as well as links to the correct feed through fitting design, since there are so many different types out there (some of which are absurdly expensive).
    Thank you.


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