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SolSource – Affordable, Eco-Friendly Outdoor Solar Cooker


solsource-solar-cooker.jpg.662x0_q70_crop-scaleSolSource is a new type of outdoor cooker, which uses concentrated sunlight to grill your favorite meal faster than ever.

Outdoor cooking is something that everyone enjoys in these wonderful long summer days. It gets even better when some sort of clean energy tech is involved, minimizing costs, minimizing emissions and simply out-cooling all alternatives.

SolSource is one of those outdoor cookers that combine all of the above. It is a truly revolutionary device, which concentrates solar power onto the cooking grill. As a result, cooking becomes super efficient, fast, and of course eco-friendly. It can eliminate the need of polluting charcoal grills, reduce indoor pollution, and work completely off grid, bringing down those energy bills.

The technology promises up to 1000 watts of power, which is about seven times more than a typical solar panel. The makers, One Earth Designs, point out that manufacturing and acquisition of materials for solar panels is still quite a dirty job, which desperately needs a ‘green’ make over. SolSource shows that it is possible to reduce the carbon footprint of solar technologies, by focusing on increasing efficiency and energy production.

Another great quality of SolSource is that it reaches the desired high temperatures even faster than coal- five times, to be exact. In addition to this, it is light weight, 3D formable, self-healing and super durable. Apparently, it can maintain 92% energy efficiency, even during sandstorms.

The price of SolSource is quite competitive as well. For the basic tech you pay $499, while for just $70 more you also get a grill pan and a stove cover. Compared to all those fancy outdoor barbeque grills, SolSource is quite a good alternative. This is especially the case since you would not need to spend any extra money on fuel.

Yes, there is the usual limitation that we all know- it does require sunshine in order to work, but I was thinking- who likes a barbeque party when there is rain and clouds anyway?

Check out the One Earth Designs website for more details.

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