British Gas Co. Creates Carbon Emissions Calculator

carbonfootprint-logoIf only there was a way for the average individual to keep track of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, as well as how the emissions are being reduced in nations and continents around the globe. Now there is.

“Carbon Emissions Around The World” is a calculator that displays emissions specific to each country.

It’s a simple, free way to view how climate change might be impacted by ongoing emissions and reduction attempts, thanks to the British Gas Co., home to the Centrica PC that created the guide. Another neat thing about the tool is that it covers how carbon dioxide emissions have changed over the past 12 years.

Some of the trends are troubling, while some are more comforting. China produces the most carbon emissions, 10,540.8 million tons. Its emissions have increased 298.7 percent since 1992, putting industrial growth under blame. The U.S. produces 16.7 tons per capita of carbon emissions while India produces 1.8 tons.

Contrary to beliefs, the smaller and rapidly developing nations have the largest increases in carbon emissions. This includes Equatorial Guinea, Maldives, Benin, Tuvalu, Vietnam, Timor-Leste, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Qatar.

Georgia experienced the largest drop of 68.55 percent in carbon emissions since 1992 compared to every country in the world. The expansion in its economy, including government supported energy-efficient measures, is probably the cause.

Europe places ahead of the game as well. The United Kingdom experienced a decrease in carbon emissions by 27.76 percent since 1992. Other countries have seen reductions in carbon emissions as well, including Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Tajikistan, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, and Romania.

In the last two decades, unfortunately the U.S. saw an increase in its carbon emissions by 6.15 percent. With more awareness brought to carbon emissions, its hopeful that countries will feel more pressured to reduce carbon dioxide production.


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