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Spain Will Have 1 Million EVs Running on their Roads by 2014


The Spanish government led by José Luis Rodri­guez Zapatero wants one million electric cars on their streets by 2014. This happens while some of Europe’s countries, such as Romania, ban the free trading of second hand cars to “stop” pollution, they do nothing but collect the money from the “pollution tax” and do nothing about the environment. Zapatero’s initiative should be an example for all the states of the EU and the US, if it will be brought up properly to life.

Spain’s Council of Ministers are expected to approve the project tomorrow, on August 1. They estimate that between the present time and 2011 Spain will save between 5.8 and 6.4 million tons of oil over the three-year period as a result of initiating an electric car infrastructure.

“The electric vehicle is the future and the engine of an industrial revolution,” the minister of industry, business and tourism Miguel Sebastian told members of the national industry commission. Higher oil prices and growing use and intensity of fossil fuel cost Spain some 17 billion euros last year, according to the minister

Other measures taken by their government are the increasing usage of public transportation, promoting substitution of incandescent light bulbs with CFCs, and provide mobile phone coverage in subways. They also want to reduce legal speeds and fuel exports to 11%.


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