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Specialized Turbo e-Bike Rides at 28 mph, Claims It’s The Fastest Bike Out There


Let me ask you a simple question: how much would you spend for a bike? Would you buy a €5,499 ($7,100) bike? Waiting for you to decide, I’m telling you that Specialized, a company specialized in bikes, has just launched what it calls world’s fastest and best electric bike out there… the Turbo… costing… I just said how much.

I’m sure it’s a quality bike, after all it’s equipped with wireless technology, it has a 342Wh Li-Ion battery that integrates seamlessly with the frame design, and carbon fiber brakes. Given all these, I doubt it’s light.

One thing, though: the thing is too fast for being accepted as road-legal in the U.S. and some parts of Europe, where regulations forbid you to go faster than 28 mph and 25 km/h, respectively. The Turbo is able to ride at 45 km/h (28.5 mph) with its 250W electric hub motor.

Now I know it sounds weird, but, hey, I own a mountain bike that I use downtown, and I seldom take it easy… 25 km/h is for me relaxing (or at least it was before I got chubby), but even now at 100 kilos, I don’t let it under 30 km/h – it’s simply not efficient to run like that, it gets you tired before you know it. I even reached speeds of 55 km/h on a flat terrain – not to mention those racing bikers who regularly cruise at this speed. I’d like to see myself getting a ticket for a speeding bike – I’d be proud of that.

Also, the bike he built is way cheaper than Specialized’s Turbo and has better battery autonomy. What it lacks, though, is the design, which can be improved, but that’s not always the point – you need something to take you from point A to point B as safe as possible. Hence I don’t understand the €5,499 price tag, as you can convert a car to electric at any time with that amount of money (a modest configuration, true).

So, have you decided yet?

[via bikeradar]

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