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Steorn's Free Energy Machine to Be Tested One More Time This Year


sean-mccarthy-and-orbo-demo-model_300Maybe you’ve heard about Steorn and their Orbo. Steorn is an Irish company that has been promising for a few years to accomplish something mankind has been dreaming for thousands of years: some call it perpetuum mobile, others call it overunity, but it is mostly known as “free energy” in lay terms.

Steorn’s promises were disappointing every time, because they didn’t succeed in demonstrating that their Orbo free energy machine works and achieves overunity. They even had a conference set up to show their achievements in July 2007, and had their invention supposedly tested by independent 3rd parties.

Pesn.com wrote about Steorn a few days ago, and said they want to announce another public demonstration of Orbo, that has this time evolved and has been equipped with magnetic bearings: “One of the key problems that we have always faced in implementing Orbo are bearings. The reason is that a typical Orbo interaction involves very strong radial forces that change direction in very small angular displacements. Hence an Orbo system built using traditional bearings is like driving you car at high speed over speed bumps – you can do it, but after a small distance you car will simply break down. The key technical advance that we have made with respect to implementation is a move away from the use of traditional bearing SeanMcCarthy_090203_video_300technologies to the use of our own passive magnetic bearing technology, ZeroF,” said Sean McCarthy, Steorn CEO.

Orbo is a free energy device harnessing its power by using permanents magnets that attract and repel each other. Its working principle resembles that of Perendev’s motor, another controversial invention that we haven’t heard anything about in a long time.

I wish them all the best in the world, but although they may prove their invention works, they’ll have to fight all the oil industry, to whom they are insignificant as value and size. Let’s hope common sense and clean energy will win on the ol’dirty oil. And I like these guys: they just don’t give up!

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  1. I wish I could get in touch with Mr. Sean MacCarthy
    to talk about his invention and the trouble he suffered in his presentation.
    I am just a layman of knowledge but I love to know about this kind of inventions.
    Based on a similar prototype I devised a mechanism whose design I have never seen explored and would like to develop with it.
    If he sees this comment from me, I ask him to contact me to talk about it. [email protected]

  2. The Steorn Orbo is one of the more obvious scams. If you have seen the small prototypes you’d realise that the stories about bearing issues are just hogwash. I defy any machine, no matter how varied the power pulses are to cause bearing problems with modern bearings.

    These guys are professional scammers and are piling up the investor’s funds for the big disappearing act.

    A Nigerian scam is more subtle.

    • It may not be a blow and he really believes he is facing a possibility of finding what he ultimately wants to find.


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