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Spain Transforms Phone Booths into EV Charging Stations

phone_boothsMaybe few know that the telephone was invented not by one but two great inventors just hours one from the other. Alexander Graham Bell though was the first to get his patent while Elisha Gray almost vanished from history pages being second.
Telephone became an important communication method since it’s invention and became almost indispensable to the modern world. Nowadays we got rid of our old answering machines, even voice mails or phone booths as we all have cell phones. The usage of the cell phone increased so much in the last one and a half decade that for example phone booths do not have any usage anymore.
One of the major cities in Europe, Madrid, has found an innovative solution to give a new meaning and usage to phone booths. The idea is to transform the rarely used phone booths into electrical recharging stations for the hybrid or electric cars. The Spanish government has initiated the MOVELE pilot project, managed by the Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDEA).
This project will be developed throughout Madrid, Seville and Barcelona during the next two years and for over $2 million, 500 public recharging stations will be built. Phone booths must be located next to important roads and will feature a built-in electrical supply.
Some of the goals of the MOVELE pilot project, managed by the Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy, include  the introduction of  2,000 electric vehicles into urban areas over the next two years,  providing various tax incentives for EV purchasing,  assessing both the positive and negative aspects of electric mobility alternatives and involving the private sector – insurance companies, electrical companies, providing information of energy results under real use conditions,  giving Spain several years of hands-on experience in using electric mobility technologies.
Well people, things start finally moving. Can you keep the pace now with the coming green technologies?
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