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Steve Wozniak proves Toyota Prius has power


Apple Computer’s co-founder is admitting he got caught doing 104 mph in a Toyota Prius — the famously economical car not known for its speed. “I pleaded guilty, with an explanation,” Steve Wozniak e-mailed the San Jose Mercury News. Wozniak had been traveling in Europe, Asia and South America “and had gotten used to kilometer speeds.”

The fine for the violation — committed in California on Interstate 5, where many go 90 mph — was about $700, the newspaper said.

Al Gore III, the former vice president’s son, was caught recently going about 100 mph in a Prius, police said. The arrest prompted chuckles that the hybrid car could go that fast.

“If you need to, you can really boogie down the highway,” Bradley Berman, editor of HybridCars.com, was quoted as saying.

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