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The StreetScooter: How About $7,000 for a Fully Electric Car?


Eighty miles per charge for an electric vehicle may seem disappointing, but at $7,000 you’ll find the new StreetScooter a breeze to use for in-town needs. After all, even the GM Volt doesn’t do much more on electric-only mode, and it costs a fortune compared to this one.

Ecogeek mentioned it in this article, and stirred my curiosity. I mean, paying $7,000 for a factory-made electric car (no batteries included) is a bit more than if you converted an old junk to electric, not to mention the safety standards implemented for nowadays conditions.

The vehicle has been presented at this year’s Frankfurt auto show in September, but I haven’t heard of it until now. It looks like it’s going to be able to go with a maximum speed of 70 mph.

What’s most interesting about the StreetScooter is that it’s open to new types of batteries that could come along. So if you are willing to put some of the latest LiFePO4 batteries inside and get more mileage, it’s your choice. The standard option only comes with an option to lease your battery, hence the low but yet good price.

Mass production will start in 2013 in Europe and the vehicle will later on be sold in the United States.

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