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Hydrogen Refueling Point Launched by SunHydro in Connecticut


SunHydro, a hydrogen refueling company is launching their first hydrogen station that will be open to the public. The refueling point will be made available starting Friday in Connecticut, USA, in an attempt of the firm to create a chain of hydrogen refueling stations from Maine to Florida.

The station stores hydrogen produced using water and electricity and has a capacity of fueling 10 cars on a daily basis. This project allows motorists to drive hydrogen cars along the east coast without worrying about the fuel supply.

SunHydro has so far received support from the car maker Toyota. The Japanese company has offered to deliver 10 fuel cell cars in Connecticut and New York with the perspective of introducing for trials 90 more such vehicles.

Hydrogen fueled cars bear no difference from conventional vehicles in what regards their performance. Toyota is now prospecting the possibility of launching hydrogen fuel vehicles on the market by 2015.

[via GreenCarWebsite]

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