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Tazzari Zero EV: The Electric City Sports Car Beast


zero-ev1Tazzari Group was founded in 1963 by Giorgio Tazzari and includes an aluminum alloy foundry called FOMET, an industry leader known world wide.

Having the expertise in lightweight materials engineering, the group developed a simple but in the same time elegant electric vehicle.

ZERO emission concept is not new anymore. Electric cars can be seen nowadays all over the world. Why is this one special? Well, first of all the frame is made of aluminum castings making it light, hi-tech and fully recyclable. The cars has electro-assisted brake system with 4 disc brakes ensuring high performance and completely safe braking on all surfaces.

ZERO EV wants to qualify as a sports-car for the city, with its low body weight and high torque. The vehicle has 24 latest generation 3.2V Lithium battery modules which allow a 88 mile (140km) of autonomy independence. The top speed is over 55mph and the swift acceleration goes to 35 mpg. If you think by the looks that the cars isn’t a fast one, you are surely wrong. Take a look at how fast a Tazzari electric car can go in a parking lot:

The batteries can be charged at 220V from empty to full over night but Tazzari is also offering a 3-phase charging station that decreases the time to only 45 minutes.

Personally, I hope to see as many electric vehicles on the roads as possible.

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