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Tesla 2015 Sales Results Show Promise


Tesla Model X performance was on-par with expectations in 2015.Tesla 2015 sales finished strong with a solid fourth quarter.

Despite facing challenges like manufacturing multiple models concurrently, Tesla Motors managed to deliver over 50,000 Model S (sedan) and Model X (sport utility) vehicles in 2015, in line with their annual sales goals, which were adjusted during the year.

Quarterly performance, year over year, was also strong, particularly in the last three months of the year. 2015 ended with a delivery of 17,400 vehicles, surpassing the 2014 mark by over 75%. Some of the deliveries were to customers who had put deposit in with the company previously, and had been waiting for a few years.

507 Model X vehicles were manufactured in the last quarter, and the company is now producing about 230 a week. Compared to other quarters of 2015, Tesla delivered almost 50% more units in the last three-month period of the year.

The Tesla 2015 sales and deliveries results show that they are consistent with the projections published in November, in which an estimated 17,000 to 19,000 vehicles were to be shipped in the final three months of the year. Though the total deliveries in the quarter barely fell into the estimated range, it is good to see that realistic goals had been sent and achieved by the manufacturer.

After seeing the Tesla 2015 sales results, the next goal for the company to address is to become profitable with its newest vehicles after multiple years of losses and spending increases. With a growth outlook looking stronger for the automaker, as well as increased awareness in the auto industry of electric and other green options when it comes to car buying, 2016 could bring better things for the company.

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